To create a blog Part1

Azure DNS Zone

To create a blog Part1

Azure DNS Zone

I have always thought that a blog about tutorials should start with the creation of itself. So on my first post, we will see how to create one.

I am a big fan of public cloud, so I will use Azure portal for the whole process.

In a nutshell, the steps are these:

  1. Create a DNS zone
  2. Create a wordpress web app
  3. Start your blog


Fist things first ~ Azure DNS

After logging in Azure portal, you have to create a dns zone. I prefer to have everything organized in advance, so I created my resource groups above all.

On the dashboard click on create a resource and then type resource group. Click create and type a preferred name. In my case, I created two resource groups. One named DNS-RSG for my DNS resource group and one named Sites-RSG for my web app group.

As the blog says, it’s about time for the dns zone creation. The drill is the same as before, click on create a resource and type dns. Then select dns zone and click create.

Type your custom domain name, for example Choose your subscription on azure and choose use existing resource group. Select DNS-RSG and your preferred resource goup location.

Click create.

The red ! appears because I have already created a dns zone with this name.

Your dns zone is now created. Access your resource through the dashboard and as you can see there are already 4 name server URLs. Copy those name servers and paste them on the site that you have purchased your custom dns name.


I like to support locals, so mine is

Here is a tricky part. Some control panels like mine, cannot accept azure’s name server as it is. You have to delete the last full stop. For example instead of , type

And we are done ! You can now create your own dns records through the azure dashboard.

Thanks for reading

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