To create a blog Part2

Azure Web App

To create a blog Part2

Azure Web App

Second ~ WordPress Web App

Keep in mind that every recourse addition starts from the marketplace. So navigate there and type wordpress in the search bar. Then click Create.

As always you have to name your resource, choose your subcription and create / use a resource group. Then you have to select a service plan. You can go with the F1 free tier but there are a lot of limitations.

It is free after all !

If you are happy with your blog named, free tier suits you best. Upgrading to D1 shared, lets you use custom domain name and finally on Basic tier and above you can use SSL certificates. On this part I will stick with the free tier.

The last requirement before launching your blog is the Database Server selection. There are plenty of options and the wizard is pretty straight forward. For my needs I have chosen the below setup.

Hit create and …… Voila ! You have succesfully created your first worldpress blog on Azure.

After the web app creation, type your website URL. Mine was A white log in screen will pop up requesting credentials, choose yours carefully. Remember, that you are live on the internet. Make sure that your password will be strong (wordpress will suggest you a super complex one) and log in.

You can now access your admin dashboard.

On the third part we will use a custom domain for our blog.

Thanks for reading

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