To create a blog Part 3

Map a custom DNS to Web App

To create a blog Part 3

Map a custom DNS to Web App

Let’s put your custom dns zone from part one to good use

Third ~ Custom DNS mapping

As I mentioned before, you cannot map a custom DNS while using a free tier service plan. So let’s scale it up. Navigate to resource groups, Sites-RSG and click on your wordpress web app. Then select Scale up (App Service plan) and choose D1 Shared.

The mapping process includes a lot back and forth, from azure dns zone to the web app. Therefore, I recommend opening another tab with your dns zone recourse on the browser.

Find your dns zone resource and select it. You have to create a CNAME record. Click on add record set and enter the following values.

Name: www



Now get back on the web app tab and select Custom domains.

Copy your IP Address, you will need it later.

Click on Add hostname and type your custom domain name. Mine is Choose to validate it by CNAME record and then click on Add hostname.

It will take some time to be visible. In my case the azure refresh button did not do the trick, so try refreshing your browser tab.

One again select your dns zone recourse and create one more record. This time will be an A record. Remember the IP that you copied before? Yeap that’s the one we need to map on this record.

Name: @

Type: A

IP: Your Web App’s IP Address

Create also a TXT record

Name: @

Type: TXT


After these go back to your Web App and map your fully qualified domain name (e.g. and validate it with the A record.

That’s it ! You can now try your custom domain name on the browser.

Thanks for reading

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